Titan Eren? Yes Please.

I am a teeny, weeny bit obsessed with Titan Eren at the moment. He’s just so badass, and that physique is certainly not something, were he human, that I’d kick out of bed in the morning.

So I’ve gathered a small collection of Titan Eren images that I intend to sketch from over the coming week or two. One of the first pieces of advice I was given about art was ‘repetition is key’. You want to draw it well? Keep drawing it over and over until it clicks. If it’s not clicking? Keep drawing it with a different approach. Eventually, it’ll click like your neck after a nine hour sketch-a-thon.

Anyway, pictures:

armored_titan_vs_eren_by_neroabisso-d6lcmce Attack-on-Titan-S1E11-Eren-Changes Attack-on-Titan-S1E11-Lifting-the-Boulder EREN Eren_the_Titan_Shifter shingeki-8-15-eren-titan shingeki-8-44-eren-titan Titan_Eren_attacks_Mikasa TitanShifting01

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9 Responses to Titan Eren? Yes Please.

  1. This was honestly the best anime series I have ever seen.

    • Miss Okabe says:

      Agreed! (Although Steins;Gate is a very close second for me!) I’m about to re-watch it all soon. I’ve never had such a wide pair of eyes than I did during those damned cliffhangers, haha!

      • Yea seriously….what got me was when they first killed Eren it got me lost, because I was like…how do they kill the mian character…?

        Whats the point of the show…? But yeah most def they are going to keep going with that show…because they still need to go to Eren’s basement.

        Although…I heard they were going to pick back up in 2015.

        • Miss Okabe says:

          2015!! I might start reading the Manga, so I can be fully up to date on it. I can’t wait that long!

          I thought that was such a brave move, but it worked SO well – when Eren popped out the back of the titan, I was pointing at the screen and giggling like an idiot, until Mikasa started crying and then I got sad lmao.

          • Yup 2015. It’s going to be a minute but right now it’s the top rated anime on TV.

            Yeah that tripped me out. I thought he was dead for sure. Haha damn I feel like watching it again.

            Do you know anything about the collassal and armored Titan?

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