Why, hello there!

So here’s a quick bit of a background about me and why I started this blog:

I’m about to turn 31 years old (in a week, gulp!) and my entire life I’ve never been able to draw. More specifically, I’ve never really tried to draw. Like many, I just assumed that it was like singing: you’ve got it or you don’t. Whilst some people do have that ‘knack’, you really can learn if you set your mind to it.

Anyway, on 30th April 2014, I started to learn. I’ve drawn almost daily since then, and although sometimes I look at a sketch and think ‘a blind five year old with no hands could do better’, I look at a couple of pieces and really feel like I’ve come along with it.

Why did I decide to do this? Fan art. I won’t even lie about it: there’s so much fan art in my head that needs sketching down, and it began to annoy me that I couldn’t do it. I don’t want to be the next Van Gogh; I’ve no interest in selling art, or taking it up as a career. But I want to be able to produce sketches and artwork that someone, somewhere says ‘hey that’s cool’.

Of course at the moment, I can’t draw much: I’ve mostly just drawn faces, forward facing, with simple colours. But it’s a start.

I have a blog on Tumblr where I post my progress (just an image with a quick comment underneath), but on this blog I also hoped to make text posts, share videos that I have found useful, and also just post images of inspiration that I hope to sketch from later on.

So before I go, I’m going to share what is, thus far, the best thing I’ve managed to draw: Eren Jaeger in Titan form. It took me about 20 hours. Drawn in pencil and ink, and coloured in painstakingly with a MOUSE (and before I discovered the joy of PhotoShop layering), it took me forever, but I’m so, so proud of it.



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