Okay, so I haven’t even visited this blog since September, let alone updated it, oops!

In brief: I’ve still been drawing, and improving, just not blogging about it. So it’s time to start up again to properly monitor my progress (I kinda got lazy with it, and only drew what I knew I could, so I felt for a bit I didn’t improve).

I’m going to be working on a new banner for a friend’s YouTube channel (and my own – not a very good art blog with a default banner on, eh?), and I’ve also gotta redo the banner to this, because whilst at the time I felt the banner suited my abilities, I look at it now and it looks like poop.

So if you’re still following this blog, check back shortly as there will be some new art soon! Until then, here’s a couple of sketches of Solid Gold Death Mask fan art I did in the last couple days:

1016897_10152819722196928_5255154732281045158_n Scan

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