It’s Good… Then It’s Not So Good…

Yesterday I decided to sketch an OC that was floating in my head and kinda needed to be down on paper. Since I have a thing for drawing slightly punky chicks with weird haircuts and a bad sense of style, I drew this gal:

trixie kicker concept 01I had a blast drawing it, and was really happy with the final product; drawing full bodied sketches is something I’ve neglected of late (I’m becoming more comfortable with head/shoulder images, as I can draw now without the guidelines as much, so I have a bad habit of sticking with what I can do, rather than working on what I can’t do).

So today I decide: let’s draw some more full-bodied stuff. Let’s experiment, try some poses. So I think, okay, I’ll draw the above girl but with her arms folded. I got as far as the rough sketch stage, and it kind of turned out like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 16.26.36Granted, with a little refining the body in general could turn out much better. But those damn arms… You’ve no idea how long it took to get the arms even looking like THAT (yes, they were worse before!).

Something to work on, I guess. A New Year’s Resolution for my arty skills, as it were.

(I think I earn some points for the bunny slippers, no?)

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