Hello there, I’m Miss Okabe! I’m 30 years old from the UK (turning 31 on 27th June, meep!).

For my entire life, I had never attempted to draw. I don’t mean that in a ‘sort of’ way. I mean I had literally never put pencil to paper and attempted to draw anything (I didn’t take art in school). As far as I knew, it was a gift you either had, or you didn’t have. A bit like singing, or acting abilities.

On 30th April 2014, after years of thinking ‘I wish I could draw that’, I decided to learn. I won’t lie: I love fan art. Those of you who go on Tumblr will be familiar with all the fun mini-comics people draw of jokes and situations in their head surrounding a favourite character set. I wanted to do this!

I don’t want to sell my art, I won’t be putting it on a t-shirt, and I don’t want to do this as a job. I just want to draw because it relaxes me, and really makes me feel like I accomplished something at the end.

Anyway, I’ve been drawing for almost 2 months, and I’ve gone from this (my first attempt, drawn in biro):


To this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 07.57.40

Of course I’m still not ‘good’, but I’m definitely improving: the image directly above would’ve taken me about 10 hours before, but that one took around four hours at the most.

Anyway, this blog was designed so that people can follow my progress, and other newbie artists (whatever your age) can feel a little better knowing that no, it’s not just you who has no clue what they’re doing! 😉


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