Lucy (Elfen Lied)

lucy mew1

Click for full-sized version. Am planning on drawing her as Mew/Nyu in my next piece! Have drawn loads over the weekend; I feel I’m definitely getting quicker (and a little better)!



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Thug!Armin Time Lapse!

Here’s the timelapse to the Thug!Armin I uploaded yesterday. I might start recording my drawings regularly (the ones I finish anyway, I won’t bother with the quick doodles and the stuff I know I won’t complete). This was fun!

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My first time lapse video!

If you liked it, why not subscribe or leave a comment? 🙂 (remember to watch in 720p!)

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Birthday Theme!

good birthday complete

Click for full-sized image. I don’t even know.

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More Art Coming Tonight/Tomorrow

It’s my birthday today (21 years young… give or take ten years), so for my final drawing of Titan Eren week on Art Theme of the Week, I’m going to be drawing a birthday themed picture. I have a few fun ideas floating around in my head, so hopefully my ten hour shift at the hospital will go nice and speedy (keep your fingers crossed that we have a nice short list of patients today). I’m really looking forward to drawing this!

I haven’t thought of what to do for next week’s theme just yet. If you have any thoughts or ideas leave a comment! Just bear in mind that I’m still new to this drawing lark, so suggesting I replicate the Mona Lisa might leave me a sobbing mess in the corner.

Until later!

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First Notes on Tumblr!

Who would’ve thought that my silly little (badly drawn) comic thing would get a few notes on Tumblr. I’m quite pleased as this is the first piece of fan art that I’ve drawn from an idea in my head, rather than drawing from a reference and just copying it.

This is the Tumblr post for anyone interested. If you have a Tumblr, a reblog would be cool! 🙂

It’s still Titan Eren week (right until about Saturday), so I need to think of another piece of art to start today and finish tomorrow or Friday.

It’s my birthday Friday, so maybe I’ll draw something birthday themed too!

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